Our Region

In today’s economy, political boundaries mean very little. Our region is defined by where we eat, shop, play, work and live; not by county or state borders. While we may live in Central Florida, our economic influence doesn’t stop at the state line. Instead, myregion.org research has given us a clearer picture of the area of the country where Central Floridians participate in most of their economic activity.
As you can see, what happens in the Central Florida region can have a profound effect on the entire state and in parts of southern Alabama and Georgia. Conversely, decisions made hundreds of miles away in other states can affect what’s happening in our hometown.
This economic interdependence is what myregion.org is all about. Public, private and institutional leaders can no longer think in terms of political jurisdictions. We are all connected – from Miami to Mobile – and we must consider the far-reaching effects of “local” decisions.
As a Region, we add a completely unique set of economic and environmental characteristics to the global economy. The Region’s miles and miles of sparkling coastline combine with natural wonders like the Florida Everglades, create an environmental setting unlike anything else in the world. These environmental assets contribute to the American tourism economy and provide opportunities for bio-technology and medical research. Seaports and spaceports abound in the Region, making this a key place to gather and distribute goods, people and resources. Combined with world-class tourism amenities, sports programs and transportation infrastructure, the Region is a very competitive center for global commerce.
But no individual state, county or city can do it alone. We must leverage the Region’s resources and work together to achieve economic success and raise the quality of life for everyone. That’s what myregion.org is all about.

Our Region includes seven counties and 86 cities. You can learn more about this Region by clicking on the map at left.