"Open for Business"

Leaders Reconvene to Review Progress

Monday, July 8, 2013

Government leaders representing the seven counties and twenty-six cities certified as "Open for Business" came together to share "Best Practices" and discuss opportunities to ensure that this innovative regional initiative continues to deliver on its promise to business leaders across Central Florida.

In 2012, in an unprecedented showing of regional collaboration, over 500 leaders representing government and business organizations across Central Florida committed to work together to develop regional effort to streamline the permitting process. The program was launched in December 2012, and a shared website outlining the permitting standards mutually agreed up across the region was unveiled: www.openforbusinesscfl.com.

On Friday, June 21, 2013, representatives of the 33 certified municipalities met to review progress and discuss opportunities to enhance and strengthen this collaborative project. Chaired by Jon Weiss, Director, Orange County Community, Environmental and Development Services, the group shared how different departments have implemented the shared approached to permitting. From the creation of an ombudsman to help businesses navigate through the permitting process in Volusia County, to reducing the time of permitting for single family housing down to three days in the City of New Smyrna Beach, each of these representatives discussed how "Open for Business" has provided an important tool to demonstrate positive and efficient customer service for businesses wanting to do business in their communities.

"This is one of the best examples of taking a concept for better government and implementing it across multiple jurisdictions as I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. I look forward to continuing to work with others to ensure that Central Florida is known as the best place in the country to open or expand a business," stated Jim Hartmann, County Manager, Seminole County.

In addition to sharing best practices, the group discussed ways to continue to improve the program for continuous improvement. If you have suggestions or comments, please go to www.openforbusinesscfl.com and let your ideas be heard!

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