About myregion.org

Accomplishments and Accolades

In addition to the Library of Regional Research produced by myregion.org and its community partners (found at www.myregion.org), shown below are several of the organization’s accomplishments as well as accolades myregion.org has received for its efforts in “connecting the communities” of Central Florida to “think and act” on a regional scale for specific results:

On September 10, 2012 myregion.org launches the Central Florida Scorecard, the first regional Scorecard in Florida to align with the Florida Scorecard. This project is a partnership between the Florida Chamber Foundation and myregion.org, supported by four key partners: Florida High Tech Corridor Council; Orlando Regional REALTORS Association; UCF Center for Regional Studies; and VHB MillerSellen. Through the work of regional and state leaders over the last five years, Central Florida leaders will have current data-based indicators that measure the state, regional and county performance on 18 key factors, organized within six priority areas: 

• Talent Supply & Education

• Innovation & Economic Development

• Infrastructure & Growth Leadership

• Business Climate & Competitiveness

• Civic & Governance Systems

• Quality of Life/Quality Places

These indicators have been aggregated to help Central Florida leaders understand where we are so we can begin to set a course for “where we want to go.” 

Since 2010, more than 2,000 people have participated in feedback on the development of a Regional Water Strategy, which is helping to guide the work of the Central Florida Water Initiative, a project of three water management districts, local water authorities and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. (link to the Regional Water Strategy)

The work of myregion.org’s “How Shall We Grow?” was used as the foundation of the recently adopted East Central Florida 2060 Plan authored by the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council in August of 2011. The goals of this plan are to inform and guide local decision-making in a manner that leads toward the implementation of the Central Florida Regional Vision, a “product” of myregion.org. 

In addition, the Long Range Transportation Plan adopted by MetroPlan Orlando, which connects transportation and land use planning, used the work of myregion.org as a foundation for its 2030 Long Range Plan. Additionally, more than 75 percent of the cities and counties of the Central Florida region have self-reported inclusion of the principles of growth outlined in the regional growth vision into local comprehensive plans.

The Council for a Sustainable Florida selected Central Florida’s “How Shall We Grow?” project, directed by myregion.org, as its 2007 winner in the category of The Sustainable Florida Partnership Best Practice Business Partnership Award.  

“How Shall We Grow?” also resulted in the creation of the Regional Growth Compact, adopted on August 10, 2007. A continual source of inspiration and reference tool for the Central Florida Congress of Regional Leaders, the compact focuses on the 4Cs — Conservation, Countryside, Centers and Corridors.

The Urban Land Institute Orlando District Council honored myregion.org’s “How Shall We Grow?” project as a Champion of Sustainability for making a substantial and positive impact in the Central Florida region in the areas of nature, the economy, our society and individual well-being at its inaugural Land Use Excellence and Promise Awards in 2008.

The creation of the Central Florida Regional Growth Vision and the launch of the Central Florida Congress of Regional Leaders, both initiatives of myregion.org, were showcased in a publication by the national Urban Land Institute (ULI) as a leading example of effective collaborative leadership and coalition building. The organization published a report titled “Moving the Needle — Regional Coalitions as Catalysts for Sustainable Development” in June 2010.

In 2008, the Florida Department of Transportation and the Central Florida Commuter Rail Commission selected myregion.org to lead a public engagement and branding project for commuter rail. More than 2,000 people participated in the naming and logo development of the commuter rail line, and SunRail was “launched” on January 14, 2009. Additionally, through the SunRail website buttons and communication outreach efforts, the SunRail project was communicated to the public more than 14 million times.

In 2009, a progress report published by myregion.org in partnership with multiple regional organizations, funding partners and technical support teams resulted in the publication of the 2009 Progress Report for the Central Florida Region“Where in the World Are We?” which is still used today as a benchmark and measurement by businesses, cities and counties across the Central Florida region.

Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), located in Central London, did a look back at the last decade asking, “What difference have we made?” In its review of global best practices, the Urban Design Team at CABE cited the myregion.org 2009 Progress Report for the Central Florida Region “Where in the World Are We?”  as an example of how to best analyze information to gauge progress. The review specifically highlighted the analysis of the Central Florida region’s world position in terms of economics and quality of life.

In August 2010, the Alliance for Regional Stewardship (ARS) and the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) recognized myregion.org as its first recipient of the “Ten Award” for Distinguished Achievement in Sustained Stewardship. The ARS established the “Ten Award” to recognize organizations that demonstrate “ambitious and steadfast advancement of regional stewardship over of a period of at least 10 years.”

In 2011, the Central Florida Partnership was recognized in the winter edition of Chamber Executive magazine, a publication of the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE), as an innovator for more than a decade for its work in making regional stewardship a reality in Central Florida, specifically citing the many accomplishments of myregion.org.