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Connecting for Global Competitiveness

When looking at a map of Florida, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell where the Tampa Bay region ends and the Central Florida region begins. The areas are growing together at a phenomenal rate, which is opening the door to unprecedented economic opportunities.

As regional leaders attempt to determine the value of operating as a Super Region, its collective assets need to be understood:

  • The Super Region is home to more than 7.1 million people in 15 counties and 199 municipalities.
  • It has a tremendous capacity to move both people and cargo with 14 airports (including two major international commercial airports) and four seaports.
  • The Super Region's citizens and workforce have immense educational opportunities with more than 90 colleges and universities from coast to coast.
  • Sports fans enjoy four professional teams (including the Buccaneers, the Rays, the Lightning and the Magic) and three motor speedways, including Daytona Motor Speedway, the birthplace of NASCAR racing.
  • From coast to coast, millions of visitors can be accommodated each year in more than 2,200 hotels/motels.


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Connecting for Global Competitiveness Florida's Super Region

The list of assets goes on and on. So, what happens if the leaders of the region successfully leverage these assets? Can they create greater economic opportunities for Florida's Super Region? As the first region in the United States to develop a high speed rail system, how can it be used to create an economic advantage?

myregion.org, under the direction of the Tampa Bay Partnership and the Central Florida Partnership, commissioned a study by the PennDesign Studio to explore the value of operating coast-to-coast as Florida's first Super Region. The results are in and the outlook for the region is significantly brighter if its leaders work together to address common economic, transportation and environmental issues. (To view the full report, please click here).

The study revealed the following:

  • Tampa Bay currently has the 19th largest economy in the United States, with Central Florida following closely behind in 20th.
  • By combining the assets of both regions, Florida's Super Region boasts the 10th largest economy in the nation.
  • By connecting these economic centers through a transportation network, linking existing industries such as tourism with emerging industries and focusing on environmental conservation, Florida's Super Region can increase its ability to compete with leading regional and global economies throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and China.

Are you interested in learning more about the Super Region and the benefits of a collaborative approach? Members of the Tampa Bay Partnership and Central Florida Partnership will be conducting presentations to organizations throughout the Super Region regarding the study and how it can be used to "Connect for Global Competitiveness as Florida's Super Region." If you would like to schedule a presentation for your group, please contact Shelley Lauten, president of myregion.org, at shelley.lauten@orlando.org.