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Executive Summaries

Executive Summaries

Over the last six weeks, transportation has been the topic of much discussion in our region.  In fact, eight different events have been held on the common theme of “regional transportation.”

If all these other organizations are discussing transportation, why should the Board of Directors of myregion.org address transportation “one more time?"  Actually, our role will be unique in the Central Florida Region; the Board of Directors of myregion.org has as its goal to “Connect the Dots.”

I have worked with the event organizers of these meetings to develop an “Executive Summary” for each event; detailing the purpose of the meeting, the audience and presenters, as well as the key issues and opportunities identified.  Each “Executive Summary” can be found by clicking on one of the “links” below. 

Too, you can view a “Summary of Regional Issues”—a compilation of the issues that surfaced by clicking on the “Yellow Tile.”

Finally, you can review some “best practices” and  related articles by clicking on the ”Gray Tile.”

This “Electronic Brief” will allow you to be better prepared at the Board Meeting of myregion.org, providing you with an understanding of the issues being surfaced.

At the Board Meeting of myregion.org, we will be asking you, along with other Business, Civic, Community, and Government Leaders to discuss “what matters most” to our region if we are to realize a “world-class” multi-modal, integrated regional transportation system.   This way, we will begin to build regional consensus and regional resolve as to what we believe needs to be addressed for this region to achieve success.

The consensus information will then be advanced to the myregion.org Executive Committee for further development; creating a “Regional Position Paper” on recommended regional actions; turning “Ideas to Results.”

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?  Please email Shelley Lauten at shelley.lauten@orlando.org or call me at 407.835.2444