Getting Engaged

Getting Engaged

The purpose of is to ensure that Central Floridians continually strive for ways to be globally competitiveness and that Central Florida’s quality of life is such that, for generations to come, it will be a place we are proud of… and love to live.

And that’s where you come in.  There are currently close to 3.7 million people who call Central Florida home….with another 3 million more expected to want to live, learn, work and play here by the year 2050.

Imagine this:  It’s the year 2050 and leaders and citizens from across the region are enjoying a world-renowned standard of living.

What did we do… beginning today…. to build that standard of living?

What could we - each of us - be doing… beginning today to ensure world-class educational opportunities….  unprecedented access to arts, culture and sports…a regional transportation network that’s the envy of the nation……a variety of jobs in a ever-widening array of industries…...government, business and civic leaders working across jurisdictional boundaries for the benefit of citizens no matter where they live…. 

Join us as we shape our future….come to a meeting, sign up for a newsletter or follow us on FaceBook, provide feedback for what matters most to you!

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