About myregion.org

Organizational Timeline


September 16-17, 1999

  • Central Florida Regional Retreat introduces Michael Gallis and the Regional Development Program

October 1999 to Spring 2001

  • Leadership engagement and project organization for the Regional Development Program

Spring 2001

  • myregion.org is created
  • Beginning of Phase I

April 30, 2001

  • Partnership formed between myregion.org and the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council

December 13, 2001

  • Regional kickoff event at Osceola County Courthouse

Spring 2002

  • Electronic newsletter and website are launched

January 2002 to March 2003

  • Community conversations held, with 3,000 people engaged

July 11, 2003

  • Regional rollout of The Central Florida Sourcebook – A New Regional Agenda

Conclusion of Phase I


2003 to 2007

Beginning of Phase II

  • Region studies itself:
    • Our values
    • Our growth
    • Our environment
    • Our demographics
    • How we measure up

April 2005

  • PRISM (Promoting Regional Improvement in Science and Math) unveiled
  • 27 community and business leaders pledge to help promote new initiative in science and math

October 5, 2005

  • CD highlighting “More than a Million Dollars of Regional Research” is released

January to March 2006

  • Regional Leadership Academy convenes
  • 75 regional leaders spend five days discussing the “key issues” facing Central Florida

March 2006 to August 2007

  • “How Shall We Grow?” Regional Vision Project is developed
  • 200 community meetings and presentations are held
  • More than 20,000 citizens are engaged in this “Community Conversation”

March 29, 2006

  • Kickoff of “How Shall We Grow?”
  • 325 citizens launch the “How Shall We Grow?” initiative

April 26, 2006

  • First Central Florida Regional Leadership Council meeting

May to September 2006

  • “How Shall We Grow?” community input sessions held

May 22, 2006

  • First Central Florida Council of Mayors meeting held

May to July 2006

  • Outreach to community continues through:
    • Blog
    • Redesigned website
    • Communications committee
    • Speakers Bureau

October 13, 2006

  • Regional event: Building Policies That Shape Our Shared Vision is held
  • 450 citizens discuss the key issues facing Central Florida

January 22 to February 14, 2007

  • “How Shall We Grow?” media week and selection of a shared future for Central Florida
  • 7,319 people complete online “How Shall We Grow?” survey

August 2007

  • “How Shall We Grow?” Regional Summit is held
  • Launched the Central Florida Congress of Regional Leaders
  • 600 participants at the unveiling of the Central Florida Regional Vision 
  • Regional Growth Compact was signed by elected officials from counties, cities and school boards

September 2007

  • “How Shall We Grow?” selected as the Council for a Sustainable Florida’s winner in the category of The Sustainable Florida Partnership Best Practice Business Partnership Award

December 2007

  • Phase II of myregion.org is concluded
  • Board of Directors approves organizational structure for Phase III
  • On Dec 12, the Central Florida Partnership was officially formed; myregion.org becomes the line of business focused on regional research and resolve

Phase III

January 2008

  • myregion.org and the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council begin work on developing a regional “greenprint” for Central Florida, based on the work of “How Shall We Grow?”


February 2008

  • The Central Florida Congress of Regional Leaders meet to establish regional priorities stemming from “How Shall We Grow?”

May 2008

  • The Central Florida Congress of Regional Leaders establish its three key regional priorities:  water, conservation of natural lands and transportation 

June 2008

  •  “How Shall We Grow?” honored by the Urban Land Institute Orlando District Council as a “Champion of Sustainability” at their inaugural Land Use Excellence and Promise Awards 

August 2008

  • Work on The Central Florida Regional Progress Report begins
  • Shelley Lauten is promoted to President of myregion.org

October 2008

  • The Central Florida Commuter Rail Commission and the Florida Department of Transportation select myregion.org to lead a community outreach and branding project for Central Florida’s commuter rail project

January 2009

  • The Urban Land Institute and the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council host a regional gathering of over 200 leaders to address the barrier and opportunities for transit, entitled “Connecting the Dots - A Regional Leadership Forum Regarding Transportation Issues”

May 2009

  • The regional progress report, “Where in the World Are We” is published
  • Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), located in London, honored “Where in the World Are We” with a “Best Practice Award” as an example of how to best analyze information to gauge progress

August 2009

  • “How Shall We Grow?” Second Anniversary Celebration is held for over 300 community leaders.   Over 50 Cities, counties, organizations, private developers and environmental groups showcase what has been done to implement the principles and policies of the regional growth vision. 

December 2009

  • The Regional Boards of Advisors are formed.  Seven strategic partner organizations work with myregion.org to engage more leaders across the region on issues of regional importance. 
  • On December 19, 2009 the Central Florida Commuter Rail Commission selects the name and logo for the commuter rail line, SunRail, based on the community engagement and outreach conducted by myregion.org 

January 2010

  • The research project “Connecting for Global Competitiveness,” a partnership with the Tampa Bay Partnership and led by world renowned urban planner Jonathan Barnett and the Urban Design Center of the University of Pennsylvania is launched.

May 2010

  • “Connecting for Global Competitiveness,” research is completed and results are presented at the Super Regional Leadership Conference to 400 government, business and civic leaders.
  • In partnership with Urban Land Institute Central Florida, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the South Florida Water Management District, the St. Johns Water Management District and the Southwest Florida Water Management District, myregion.org launches the Regional Water Strategy project, as directed by the Central Florida Congress of Regional Leaders

July 2010

  • Space Florida prepared a proposal to the President’s Task Force on Space Industry Workforce and Economic Development citing the work of myregion.org and its regional indicators report. 

August 2010

  • myregion.org receives the “Ten Award” for Distinguished Achievement in Sustained Stewardship from the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) and the Alliance for Regional Stewardship (ARS)

November 2010

  • The “Let’s Get to Work” (later re-named “Open for Business”) Coalition is formed:

The goal of this Coalition is to collaboratively identify, analyze and seek correction to current regulatory and other economic barriers that prevent or complicate economic recovery in Central Florida.  Within 100 days, this Coalition will present its short term recommendations on ways to encourage economic prosperity and get Central Floridians “back to work.”

  • Coalition members include:  Associated Builders and Contractors, Central Florida Partnership, The Homebuilders Association of Metro Orlando; The Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission; the Orlando Regional REALTORS Association; and Workforce Central Florida

December 2010

  • Phase 1 of the Regional Water Strategy:  Developing a Regional Water Supply Plan is completed and presented to the Central Florida Congress of Regional Leaders

April 2011 

  • “Open for Business” is selected as a project of the Florida Eight, a strategic project funded through Workforce Florida to build regional capacity; job and business retention; international diversification; and empower regional collaboration.

May 2011

  • Phase 2 of the Regional Water Strategy: Creating the Civic Architecture is approved by the Central Florida Congress of Regional Leaders

October 2011 

  • A Regional Water Summit is held for over 150 leaders across the region to review research and make recommendations for “next steps" in creating a civic architecture that will support an equitable governance structure for Central Florida’s regional water supply planning and distribution.

December 2011

  • Central Florida Congress of Regional Leaders accepts the final recommendation of the Phase 2 Regional Water Strategy
  • The “Open for Business” Regional Summit was held for over 200 business and government leaders to share the results and recommendations and outline “next steps”

March 2012

  • Twenty-nine regional organizations, staffed by myregion.org host “A Regional Gathering” to discuss the impact of working together on key regional initiatives.  A “Regional Issues Impact Analysis” was completed to demonstrate the impact of key source issues on “moving the needle” on all other regional initiatives

September 2012

  • A partnership was formed with the Florida Chamber Foundation to launch the Central Florida Scorecard, a look at how Central Florida fares on the key performance indicators and how that relates to our state performance.
  • The Central Florida Scorecard development is supported by four key partners: Florida High Tech Corridor Council; Orlando Regional REALTORS Association; UCF Metropolitan Center for Regional Studies; and VHB MillerSellen.