Our Library

Our Library

Library of Regional Resources

The work of myregion.org has built an important library of resources for the Central Florida region and for those regions across the nation and the globe seeking best practices. These research studies have been regionally focused and professionally conducted to help formulate regional strategies on a number of critical topics. 

Some of these publications have been commissioned by myregion.org; some are works authored by others and supported by myregion.org. In total, they provide a collection of resources that “tell the story” of Central Florida’s growth and change since the “turn of the century”

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Phase 1    2000 to 2004

The New Regional Agenda

Central Florida Regional Indicators Report


Phase 2    2005 to 2008

The Hispanic Impact Study

Naturally Central Florida

The ULI Florida Initiative on Regional Cooperation

Penn Design Central Florida

Central Florida Values Study

The Ties that Bind — Central Florida Social Capital Survey

Demographic Changes in Central Florida and Their Implications for Regional Transportation Planning

Demographics and Social Services White Paper

How Shall We Grow? Mid-Project Report

How Shall We Grow? WMFE Television Series

Smart Growth in a Changing World

Arts and Economic Prosperity III

How Shall We Grow? A Shared Vision for Central Florida

Central Florida Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)


Phase 3   2009 to date

How Shall We Grow?  A Shared Vision for Central Florida - 2009 Supplement

Strategies for Sustainable Growth: The Transportation/Land Use Intersection

Where in the World Are We? 2009 Progress Report for the Central Florida Region

What Are We Doing? Advancing the Central Florida Growth Vision

The United States Conference of Mayors - The Economic Impacts of High-Speed Rail on Cities and Their Metropolitan Areas

Connecting for Global Competitiveness 

Regional Water Strategy 

Open for Business