Our Projects

Our Projects

In Central Florida, myregion.org plays a key role in bringing together a diverse community of seven counties, 86 municipalities, private industry, nonprofits and individual residents to gauge where we stand, decide where we need to be, and determine how our leadership can make the region even better. In addition to the Central Florida Scorecard which is outlined on our Home Page, our signature projects include:

Open for Business
In an ongoing project in partnership with The Florida Eight, myregion.org and a coalition of business associations are examining how the region can best address regulatory and government barriers that affect business growth. In this effort to move the region past economic recovery from the Great Recession, and into prosperity, the project also addresses how we can create a new, “21st century” business model for Central Florida.
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Central Florida Regional Water Strategy Initiative
In an area that falls in three of the state’s seven water management districts, it is becoming increasingly important to collaborate on how the region’s dwindling supply of inexpensive drinking water resources should be preserved and new supplies developed. With the goals of creating a regional water strategy and avoiding public litigation over water, myregion.org worked with the seven counties to develop a plan and present it in November 2011 to the Congress of Regional Leaders, which is responsible for carrying it out now and in the future.
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Connecting for Global Competitiveness: Florida’s Super Region
Central Florida and the Tampa Bay region have been growing at a phenomenal rate side by side. What would happen if they merged into one region — one Super Region — that could bring even more muscle to compete for business in the global economy? An ongoing project explores this scenario and looks at ways to bring it to life.
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How Shall We Grow? 
Nearly 20,000 Central Florida residents helped create a shared vision for what they want the region to develop between now and 2050, when the population is expected to double to 7.2 million people. The 18-month project in 2006-07, How Shall We Grow? Creating a Shared Vision for Central Florida, unveiled a distinct vision for the future: a region that uses less land; preserves more natural resources; stops urban sprawl and favors village-like communities where people live, work and play; and connects regional areas with more transportation choices for commuting.
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