About myregion.org

Project History

myregion.org wasn't born in a corporate boardroom. No one dreamed it up in a government chamber. myregion.org came from Central Florida's people — their questions, their worries, their hopes for our community.


Back in 1999, a number of issues compelled leaders in Central Florida to think “What should we be doing in the 21st century that we are not doing now? … Light rail, a penny sales tax, school reform, the 2012 Olympics bid — all of these issues needed some common ground, some consensus, to succeed. Sometimes we were able to work together and make it happen, sometimes we weren't. The core question became: How can Central Florida be globally competitive and maintain a high standard quality of life?


After listening to their members, constituents and customers, 18 business, government and civic organizations came together and identified a void in Central Florida. We all wanted to work together, but this region had no sense of itself. We had many resources and tools at our disposal, but there was no place to bring it all together, no place to combine the power and potential of this region to create something special. Residents and leaders had no place to go to put their heads together and figure out how to make Central Florida a better place for everyone.


myregion.org is the result of this regional “ teamwork “ to bring 86 cities, seven counties and our leaders and citizens together to build a better future for our residents and our businesses.


The work of myregion.org is led by an Executive Board of Advisors, comprised of government, business and civic leaders from all seven counties. 


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