Regional Priorities

The Six Priorities that are Building the Framework for a Better Community

After receiving input from more than 3,000 residents and elected officials, the myregion.org Board of Directors identified six priority areas as being vital if the region was to compete in the global economy while maintaining a high quality of life for the residents of Central Florida.

These regional priorities are the focus of myregion.org's efforts to create regional collaboration and make measurable progress in achieving 10 Regional Resolves for the region.

To help measure progress that is being made across the Central Florida Region in these six areas, myregion.org has commissioned two indicator reports for the region.  The first report, published in 2005, created a baseline of information on how Central Florida stacked up across the state, nation and world.  The 2009 report illustrates where Central Florida has made progress in the last decade as well as identifying areas where the region has considerable work to do moving forward.

For further information on the reports:

Click Here to download the 2005 Central Florida Indicators Report

Click Here to download Where in the World are We? 2009 Progress Report for the Central Florida Region

myregion.org Executive Board Adopts Florida Chamber Foundation Priorities

Dale BrittIn an effort to advance regional priorities, and take advantage of state-wide measurement creating awareness of key economic and quality of life indicators, the myregion.orgExecutive Board of Advisors unanimously approved the adoption of the framework used by the Florida Foundation Chamber.  Dale A. Brill, Ph.D., and President of the Florida Chamber Foundation, was elated with the approval stating, "You have no idea what we just accomplished!  We are on track now to have 23 counties, by the end of this year, with a common vision, common framework, and a common process that allows local conversations to bubble up, and facilitates strategic planning at the local, regional and state level."  This move allows the seven-county Central Florida Region to leverage the exhaustive research completed by the Florida Chamber Foundation, and provide real-time, consistent, comparative updates to our regional stakeholders on key indicators via The Florida Scorecard (www.thefloridascorecard.com).

Drivers of Florida's Next Economy

The existing regional priorities, developed after extensive study of the area's 13 Regional Systems, were first showcased in "The New Regional Agenda" published in July 2003.  They include:  1) Education, 2) Economic Leadership, 3) Environment, 4) Smart, Quality Growth, 5) Fragmented Region, and 6) Quality of Life.  These themes have been used as a compass to guide our collective future and to implement related regional strategies.  While our priorities won't change, we are adopting the language of the Florida Chamber Foundation's "Six Pillars of Florida's Future Economy" framework to leverage real-time comparative economic and quality of life indicators that reflect our collective progress. This type of common framework can serve as an organizing force for strategic planning at any level, including local, regional, and statewide platforms. The new language includes:  (1) Talent Supply & Education, (2) Innovation & Economic Development, (3) Infrastructure & Growth Leadership, (4) Business Climate & Competitiveness, (5) Civic & Governance Systems, and (6) Quality of Life & Quality Places.  "The language or vocabulary we use is so important as we move forward because it determines the answers we get," commented Mr. Brill.

The myregion.org Executive Board of Advisors approved the adoption February 11, 2011, of the terminology from the Florida Chamber Foundation and the "Six Pillars" approach with the understanding that myregion.org publications and programs will continue to reflect the key "Regional Resolves" developed over the past 12 years.  From a messaging perspective, it is important that key regional priorities such as the "Environment" and the "Seven Jewels" be integrated into the "Six Pillars" through cross referencing and labeling associated with the appropriate "Pillar(s)" so as to retain the identity, focus and successful visioning work products and ongoing regional efforts within the 7 counties.  For a copy of Mr. Brill's presentation click here:  02.11.2011 Six Pillar's Transition

Six Pillars of Florida's Future Economy

 Six Pillars

Below are links to specific information about each of the
six regional priority areas with the newly adopted language:

& Economic Development
Talent Supply
& Education
& Growth Leadership

Business Climate
& Competitiveness

Quality of Life
& Quality of Place

& Governance System