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Where in the World are We?
2009 Progress Report for the Central Florida Region

After nearly a decade of regional collaboration, has Central Florida advanced as a region?  Are we better able to compete in a global economy and provide a high quality for residents?

Where in the World are We? - 2009 Progress Report for the Central Florida Region provides in-depth analysis of how the region has progressed during the last decade in the areas of Economic Leadership, Education, Environment, Quality of Life, Smart, Quality, Growth and Regional Resolves and Cooperation.

The report also quantifies the progress being made on key regional indicators and compares it to other state, national and international comparable regions; examining the gaps where regional collaboration might exist and identifying the challenges that we must continue to address.

The complete report is available to download for FREE here.

You can also download all the data and regional indicators used to develop the report.

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Ten years ago, in an unprecedented effort, leaders and citizens from across Central Florida began dialogue on identifying opportunities to work together on key issues facing our region.
The result of those initial conversations was the creation of myregion.org and identification of the overarching goal of ensuring that Central Florida was competitive in the Global Economy while maintaining a high Quality of Life for the residents of the region.
The first phase of myregion.org led to the identification of 10 Regional Resolves and 6 Regional Priorities that serve as the guiding direction for how myregion.org can help leaders across the region meet the overarching goal.


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1 – Regional Leadership
2 – Research Corridor
3 – Regional Transportation Organization
4 – Environmental Assets
5 – Regional Economic Development
6 – Regional Concurrency Standards   
7 – Educational Excellence  
8 – Regional Access
9 – Public Safety
10 – Regional Brand


myregion.org captured six regional resolves or issues that are of greatest importance to those who live and work in Central Florida and developed specific strategies for each. Each priority is captained by volunteer chairpersons who have supporting committees. These individuals are leading the charge in researching issues, nurturing dialogue and ideas and generating solutions.

& Economic Development
Talent Supply
& Education
& Growth Leadership

Business Climate
& Competitiveness

Quality of Life
& Quality of Place

& Governance System