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Fun facts:

• The Florida Legislature created Seminole County on April 25, 1913, out of part of Orange County.

• The name "Seminole" is thought to be derived from the Spanish word cimarron, meaning "wild" or “runaway.”

• It is one of the fastest-growing counties in Florida, with a highly educated workforce that also supports Volusia County to the north and Orange County to the south.

• Seminole has become home to a cluster of high-tech and “fi-tech” financial technology businesses, as well as centralized call centers. 

• The land that is available for development, and is not park or wildlife acreage, is almost built out, according to area economic development leaders.

• Sanford is home to Orlando-Sanford International Airport, formerly known as Naval Air Stations Sanford, which was commissioned in 1942 and closed in 1969. 

• In 1992, then-Orlando Sanford Regional Airport served as the backdrop for the action film Passenger 57, starring Orlando-born actor Wesley Snipes.

• The airport caters largely to British tourists through charter flights and commercial jet service. It also houses the Aeroism Flight Academy, formerly known as Delta Connection Academy, a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines that offers flight training, which is one reason it is among the 30 busiest airports in the world for takeoffs and landings.  


How does Seminole County rank on the 2012 Central Florida Scorecard? Here are some highlights:

• Population: 425,100, which puts it at the third-lowest in the region. It’s important to note that the land mass is considerably smaller than that of the rest of the counties, measuring about 345 square miles compared with the next-smallest, Orange County, which is 1,004 square miles, and the largest, Polk, with 2,010 square miles.  

• College attainment: 35 percent, the highest in the region and a whole 10 points above the regional average of 25 percent. 

• Water consumption: 147 gallons per day per capita, which falls right in the middle of the region’s county totals and below the regional average of 154.

• Unemployment rate: 8.5 percent, the lowest in the region. 

• Voter turnout: 50.6, the third-highest in the region behind Brevard and Lake counties. 

• Charitable contributions: $3,700 per capita, the third-highest in the region behind Polk and Orange counties.

Municipalities in Seminole

Altamonte Springs


Lake Mary



Sanford (county seat)

Winter Springs

Seminole County


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