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To visually illustrate how our region looks today, what the current trend shows we will look like in 2050 and what we could look like if we follow the key themes of the Central Florida Regional Growth Vision, three artistic renderings have been created.

Central Florida: What We Look Like Today

Central Florida today is a collection of seven counties and 86 cities, with development organized in multiple centers throughout the region. In recent years, Central Florida has been developing land at an even faster pace than population growth. The region included a total of 2,618 square miles of urban development in 2006, compared to 1,675 square miles in 2000. This growth is placing increasing pressure on the region’s unique and fragile environment, as well as the transportation system. The average commuter now spends the equivalent of nearly one and one half work weeks sitting in traffic each year, with few options available for travel other than by private automobile. (Click on image for larger view.)

2050: What We Will Look Like... If Current Trends Continue

If current growth policies continue, the amount of developed land in Central Florida will double by 2050. More development will occur in places that once were distinctly rural or in sensitive environmental areas. City boundaries will meld into one another, with little distinction or “green space” between developed areas. (Click on image for larger view.)

2050: What We Will Look Like... If Our Vision is Realized

This vision illustrates what the region can look like if we focus on the 4 C’s – Conservation, Countryside, Centers and Corridors. It illustrates a “snap shot” of the current cities and unincorporated population centers that are anticipated as of 2007. If cities and centers grow as anticipated, our community will need to make decisions about the best ways to connect regional cities and the villages and towns that surround them. If our history is an indicator, the region will continue to reinvent itself and other population centers will likely emerge. The centersmay shift and rearrange, but what should stay constant are the core themes and principles underlying the Central Florida Regional Growth Vision.  (Click on image for larger view.)