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Whether in our homes, our communities or our places of business, all of us can help influence the future of our region through simple choices.

There are many "little actions" that we can "choose" to make that can help ensure that Central Florida will continue to be a place where we can live, learn, work and play.

The Central Florida Regional Growth Vision reflects four key themes (Conservation, Countryside, Centers and Corridors) for how we can maintain a region where our children and grandchildren can enjoy a high quality of life. 

Below are examples of opportunities all of us have to impact the future in these four areas through our actions and choices:


· Landscape your lawn with native plants to conserve water
· Recycle
· Tell your Elected Officials you want policies adopted that will conserve more green space
· Wash your car over your lawn (using eco-friendly cleaning products)
· Exercise simple ways to save energy: unplug unused appliances, switch your light bulbs to compact fluorescent and make use of ceiling fans - you can raise your thermostat settings by 4°
· Reduce water consumption by washing full loads of laundry and hang dry your clothes to conserve energy
· Support Government funding of purchasing environmentally sensitive lands

· Exercise Land Trust/Conservation Easements for land owners
· Build green using environmentally safe and energy efficient materials
· Set up recycling programs in your office
· Request your city add recycling services to commercial establishments
· Support local environmental and conservation organizations
· Conserve energy by using only essential lighting after business hours
· Use hybrids and alternative fuels


· Buy smaller homes
· Buy smaller lots
· Encourage planning for recreational greenspace
· Buy from and support local farmers markets
· Work with others in your local government and community to plan biodiversity action plans


· Preserve countryside by focusing on urban growth - traditional walkable neighborhoods are more sustainable than conventional suburban patterns of growth
· Buy from local farmers to protect rural agricultural land
· Focus procurement on buying local products to reduce traffic congestion and overtaxed roadways
· Support a regional plan with landowners to develop and promote strategies that encourage sustainable


· Buy from local small businesses
· Shop at one-of-a-kind locally owned stores in your community 
  Buy local – more than 70% of your money stays in your community
· Choose to live downtown or closer to city centers
· Tell your Elected Officials you want walkable town centers


· Develop business relationships with locally owned suppliers, producers and service providers
· Develop a business in town centers making city centers a more viable place to live, work and play
· Encourage mixed-use housing and commercial development options near city centers
· Develop affordable housing in/near city centers
· When developing property - build up instead of out


· Take the bus whenever possible
· Ride a bike or walk for short errands
· Carpool
· Tell your Elected Officials you want alternative transportation available and are willing to pay for it.
· Choose to live closer to city center or transit nodes
· Ride-share by leaving one car at home
· Choose to commute and travel by rail
· Bring your lunch from home to reduce mid-day traffic

· Give your employees bonuses or other perks for taking alternative transportation to work
· Establish flexible work hours to alleviate commuter traffic (i.e. stagger shifts, work-from-home)
· Develop your business closer to transit nodes
· Seek increased bus services to jobs, shopping and recreational centers
· Support funding for transit
· Use technologies such as netmeeting/video conferencing to reduce travel to meetings


During the "How Shall We Grow?" Regional Summit on August 10, 2007, more than 300 residents of Central Florida made commitments on what they could do, either personally or professionally, to help move Central Florida from our current development path to one that reflects the Central Florida Regional Growth Vision.

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